EMEAC-IFCN: Eduction Scholarships 2020

The EMEAC- IFCN is pleased to announce the availability of 10 education scholarships of up to €2,500 each that will be awarded to young clinical neurophysiologists to advance their training in clinical neurophysiology. Candidates must contact the education mentor themselves and obtain permission from the host department for the scholarship.

These scholarships will be split between applicants from economically disadvantaged and developed countries.

EMEAC-IFCN is keen to promote education and training. From its recent discussions on this, one area identified is a difficulty some trainees find in obtaining training in some areas within some host departments. The present scholarships are to support movement of trainees between departments within the EMEA Chapter to address these deficits. The duration of support is expected to be 6 weeks, but could be shorter, (when the financial support will be reduced proportionately, or longer (when applicants would need to secure their own additional funding). They are, in the first instance, a one-off initiative.

How to Apply
Applicants must attach:

  • Application form, including personal information and description of the educational/training goals and how the scholarship will result in change in the applicant’s current practice/employment.
  • CV, including training to date and publications and any other supporting documents considered appropriate.
  • Evidence of at least 6 months of specialty training in clinical neurophysiology.
  • Copy of passport or other government issued ID clearly showing applicants date of birth (applicant should be 35 years of age or less at the application due date).
  • Letter of acceptance from the host institution supervisor/mentor.
  • 2 letters of recommendation (in addition to the host acceptance letter) including one from their own department.
  • Kindly note that the above documents must be in the order listed above on 1 PDF file.

Selection of the successful candidates will be made by the EMEAC-IFCN Executive Committee (ExCo). Applicants will be informed of the ExCo decision by May 1st, 2020.

The successful candidate will be expected to fulfill the following obligations:

  • Negotiate the exact dates of the scholarship with the host institution. The scholarship should be started within one year of receiving the award.
  • It is expected that the scholarship will be completed without interruption, but if special circumstances arise, exceptions will be considered.
  • Up to one month before the start of the scholarship, the successful applicant should request payment of half of the funds. The second half of the funds will be paid after completion of 6 weeks of the training.
  • The successful applicant must provide bank details for funds transfer.
  • At the end of the scholarship, the successful candidate should submit a brief summary of the training that was completed.
  • The successful applicant agrees to assist and allow promotion of the award through various media outlets, including social media.
  • The successful applicant agrees to be contacted by the EMEAC-IFCN one year or more after completion of the scholarship to see what they are doing and how the scholarship enhanced their career.

Submission Info
Deadline for submission is April 1st, 2020 (date of receipt).

Please send your application to the Secretary/Treasurer Hatice Tankisi of the EMEAC-IFCN via email at

Acceptance form Application form


The Chapter is devoted to supporting education in Europe and Africa in Clinical Neurophysiology. For this it offers annual support to regional courses along the guidelines.


EC-IFCN Bursary Winners for ECCN 2019 

We are pleased to announce the EC-IFCN bursary winners for ECCN2019. 

Berislav Ruska Croatia
Tin Pavičić Croatia
Martin Lamos Czech Republic
Petra Migaĺová Czech Republic
Daniel Sorensen Denmark
Ivan Zibrandtsen Denmark
Orsolya Györfi Hungary
Róbert Rostás Hungary
Hossein Pia Iran
Rubjona Xhani Italy
Su-Chun Huang Italy
Vania Karami Italy
Ilhame belkadi Morocco
Abderrahmane Chahidi Morocco
Małgorzata Błauciak Poland
Mariusz Szydło Poland
Marta Waliszewska-Prosół Poland
Miguel O. Santos Portugal
Vanessa Carvalho Portugal
Andrei Daneasa Romania
Irina Popa Romania
Elena Belova Russia
Nastasia Arkhipova Russia
Olga Toporkova Russia
Katarina Vogelnik Slovenia
Adriana Gómez Domínguez Spain
Leonardo Torres Vera Spain
Marta Escribano Muñoz Spain
Ceren Cetin Akkoc Turkey
Mehmet Berke Goztepe Turkey
Selahattin Ayas Turkey
Stuart Maitland UK
Oleksandr Solonovych Ukraine