Minute of the General Meeting Edinburgh 2006
Minutes of the General Meeting EC-IFCN
Edinburgh 2006

On 12th of sept. at 10.30 the meeting started the following national societies being appropriately represented by their Delegates: U.K., Germany, Bulgaria, Denmark, Serbia, The Netherlands, Portugal, Estonia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain, Finland, Sweden, France, Italy. Two more Colleagues representing Georgia and Latvia were present as “observers”; they were encouraged by the EC and IFCN ExCo Members to start the procedures for affiliation to IFCN which would automatically make them part of the European Chapter.

The Chairman (P.M. Rossini) reported on the activity done during the first year of the new ExCo which was mainly carried out utilizing video- and teleconference facilities (much cheaper than travelling around and meeting physically), as well as through an intense e-mailing. This flux of information was also involving all the Delegates which were contacted during this period in order to speed-up and enrol them in the Chapter’s activities as well as in the process of organization of the next Istambul Congress.

The Chairman also underlined the importance of having a successful congress in order to increase the “image” of European CN and to add some financial resources to the little ones available for the requirements of the Chapter mission in fostering and supporting activities for the continuous education, best research and clinical impact of CN. In this respect new procedures have been introduced for the application of educational courses on clinical Neurophysiology, which are provided every year under the auspices and financial (partial) support of the Chapter.

There was an exhaustive discussion after the Chairman representation concerning the relationship between the EC and the IFCN and the role that the Chapter should play and the resources enabling it to proceed along its mission. The historical basis of the Chapter foundation were reminded and a general move toward the IFCN new ExCo has been suggested in order to make it more sensible to the needs of the European Societies of Clinical Neurophysiology and avoid any centrifugal feeling.

Moreover, the EC ExCo was strongly encouraged to start-up all the possible initiatives with the UEMS concerning CN (in the figure of Eva Svanborg) trying to have a common track in supporting with all the possible means our specialty in Bruxelles. The hope is to have a unified meeting of the Chapter and the UEMS in Istambul, during the 2008 Congress. It was reminded that the European Chapter international congress has a 4 years interval; this long interval creates further problems in maintaining the finances of the Chapter (which partly derive from the congress surplus) and in preserving its identity due to the long time between two successive congresses. It has been agreed that something should be done at 2 years interval in order to fill-up this gap, without interfering with the IFCN international congress dates. The idea of a monographic symposium was discussed.

Luis Garcia-Larrea, Secretary/Treasurer of the Chapter, explained on the opening to the Delegates that he had to move to another session that he chaired, unfortunately overlapping in time with the Delegates’ meeting. His slides and report were therefore presented by Teresa Segales in place. The new web-site of the Chapter was introduced and explained in detail. It is maintained for free by the Lyon group. Delegates were warmly asked to update the files on the site with their e-mails in order to have a more efficient and timely bidirectional flux of information. All the linkages with other neuroscientific and national societies were shown and the forms for application of educational courses were explained. Moreover, the budget was extensively shown and possibilities for raising more money for the Chapter initiatives were discussed, as well as the ‘pros’ and ‘contras’ for each of them, mainly because of the risk of contrasts with the IFCN initiatives.

Both the reports of the Chairman and Secretary/treasurer got a unanimous approval. There was a vivid discussion again on the role of the Chapter, its relationship with IFCN, the possibility of having national dues reserved for the Chapter activity. The IFCN ExCo present in the room (Johannes Noth and Graham Harding) did reassure that they would inform the ExCo on these problems and anticipated that there was already a proposal for increasing the financial support starting with the financial year 2007.

Teresa Sagalés reported on the situation for the educational activity in Clinical neurophysiology in Europe. This was followed by interventions of many national representatives who detailed the situation of CN in their respective Countries and advanced suggestions in order to promote and support CN at the EU level.

Prof. Noth –liaison officer to IFCN- communicated to the delegates the new list of Officers of the IFCN ExCo as resulting by the recent election procedures: Shibasaki as President, Noth as Secretary, Eisen as Treasurer, Cibils and Mills as Member-at-Large. Moreover, Mauguiere will stay as past-president and Hallett as editor-in-chief (for 1 more year only).

The audience discussed with Prof. Noth on the significance of having today still Member-at-Large representing geographical areas that largely overlap with the Chapters, which, on their own, are not represented in any form within the IFCN ExCo.

Prof. Harding reminded everybody that the IFCN is happy to facilitate as much as possible the affiliation of new Societies (they are presently 58) and did encourage representatives from non-affiliate Countries to start immediately with the affiliation procedures, by looking them on the IFCN web site.

Prof. Onder Us (Convener of the next congress in Istambul) briefly presented the state-of-art of the local organization and expressed his best wishes for a fruitful collaboration with the Delegates and Chapter ExCo for the creation of an attracting scientific program in order to have a successful congress.

At 12.30, having being discussed all the points in the agenda, the meeting was closed.